I'm surprised at the lack of use that this website gets. You'd expect some bands would be keen to sign up. It's amazing how quiet the forums are as well.

It would probably be a good idea to have some A&R guys on here actually commenting on the bands that are signed up, it would generate more interest.

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Totally agree - it seems like someone set it up without really knowing what to use it for. Is it for fans of the record company bands? Is it for new bands? is it for their bands? I'm not sure at all.

I'm pretty sure some of the members must be A&R or work for the Record company at least - so being on here can't do us (Remus) or yourselves any harm.

Just wish more people would join up.

Cheers guys

Simon - from Remus
You'd think if that was the case though the A&R guys would be on here leaving comments about bands. Especially in the early stages.

I've emailed the A&R email address several times and heard nothing back from them.
Thanks for your comments and will try to pass them on! I'm sure they are watching closely...
Thanks Richard.

They have eyes everywhere!



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