Also, I'm not just being provocative, and I am 37 and eleven months, but can independiente sign some young kick arse bands who won't get played on radio 2! (and i say that despite doing an aclaimed Terry Wogan impersonation).

I am prepared to be a self appointed a&r feedback provider, so give me your stuff and I will listen and tell you if you're any good or not.

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Not to be pedantic - but shouldn't that be ass!!! just to keep up with the youth of today.

Anyway, come to our gig on the 21st of December at the T-Bar in Weymouth! Actually thinking about it you will be there - your'e playing Bass!!!!!!!!!!!!

See if you can kick some arse you 37 year old muppett.

See ya

You brute! You've hurt me, and you know how sensitive I am!

It might be noted as a symptom of a streak of immaturity that is verging on the pathetic, but I feel actual physical pain when made to listen to radio 2 (Mark Radcliffe excepted). I know that I'm not wid da kids, but I can only really enjoy the fabulous 1FM (cosmopolitian sophisticates note; you can't get XFM in the car in dorset) nowadays. I think it's some sort of regression to childhood, but I hate listening to stuff I already know. Except Fairport Convention. And U2's overlooked difficult christian rock second album 'October' which logically doesn't tick any boxes, but yet somehow strangely does.

Our gig should be good-I suspect debut gigs always are. We need to review the set list I reakon-maybe try a rehersal where we play through everything once in order as if it was a gig, to get timmings etc. And we should definately finish with Tim singing the Christmas song. Don't worry about 'Broken'-it sounded good the other night.

See ya Friday dog bite boy,

Thanks for that - and thanks for the radio 2 rant. I really can't stick Steve Wright. Yeah he plays some OK tunes; Dylan, Stones, Springsteen, Travis, Minogue!?!?!?!? But he just doesn't seem to care, and what sort of DJ doesn't care about the songs he plays?? Chris Evans is OK on the drive time show - but Chris Evans on Radio 2? It didn't seem that long ago that TFI Friday was the talk of the nation. How things change.

Yeah, the gig should be good. I think that my worry with 'Broken' was that it's such a big song and the first song we play in the set on the accoustic. I don't want the power of the opening numbers to be lost. But if we get the levels right it will sound really good - Nick's drumming really driving it home.

Anyway must get back to my dog biting - I have actually resorted to biting his ears - but he seems to like it!!!

See you Friday




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