Martina Topley Bird - New Single 'Carnies'

March 3rd sees the release of the first single from solo artist Martina Topley Bird’s new album ‘The Blue God’. Re-emerging as one of the most exciting propositions in sophisticated pop music today, Martina has once again realigned the goal posts and created a new album dosed in natural style and beautiful lyrics. Martina turns an experienced hand to today’s current climate of bubblegum female pop, and the hugely exciting new album shows her at her creative zenith.

The Blue God is produced by long time friend Dangermouse (Gnarls Barkley, The Grey Album) – Dangermouse (real name Brian Burton) and Martina got to know each other whilst they were both living in Los Angeles in 2003 and he’s wanted to work with her ever since. Only in the past year could they find the enough time to spend together, and the results are superb.

Martina’s distinctive vocal style coupled with Dangermouse’s signature production, results in a hypnotic combination: the pair have produced a sound that resonates the glamour and feel of Golden-era Hollywood, but with a distinctly modern edge that Dangermouse’s production brings.

This is music that recalls Vangelis’ otherworldly pop on the Blade Runner sound track, where the combination real instruments (Billie Holiday pianos, tremolo guitars, bass high in the mix) are given texture and space backed by electronic samples and soundscapes to starling effect. Carnies, the first single from this new album demonstrates this perfectly.

Martina was nominated for a Mercury Music award in 2004.

See Martina live at touring Blue God Club shows throughout London in February.


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