Message from Martina: Yes Glasto!

Best Glastonbury ever…it started out in the worst possible way; zero hours sleep and a broken down van 10 miles outside Bristol…
Lovely weather …we were waiting for the AA for 2 hours… I drank a bottle of Vitamin water on the way ….there were nettles….eek!!!!…but couldn’t fault the styling provided by the Highway Patrol.

Anywho, rescued by the band and my brother we made it in time for our tv appearance for the BBC sans uniforms since they were trapped in traffic… A pretty wacky evening “slot” at the Pussy Parlure, looks like a portable sauna.

Had an early night Friday, pitching the tent at midnight and had the best sleep I’ve had in ages…. Saturday morning and a stripped down (or unplugged in the case of my box) set in the Guardian lounge. Did you see their review of my album? Someone there is always out to screw me. Having said that, most of the crew I met at Glasto were lovely and efficient too. Only a few wired or grumpy bastards, but we have to remember they have to live with themselves, we don’t.

On it went. The weather improved and the atmosphere was amazing, highlights being Schlomo and Leonard Cohen and a wee trip thru Trash City and into Shangri La. I brought my own absinthe. Monday was just lovely too. For me Glasto is about the miracle of this transient makeshift working city. The atmosphere, the food, catching snippets of unknown music on ripples of wind. And as a West Country girl it makes me proud.

Thanks everyone for all your work and adjusting after our well made plans were scuppered. Thanks and hi to everyone who came out to watch, my fave show was in the Guardian lounge. Nothing like a bit of adversity to get the blood pumping : )

M x

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