You're looking beautiful tonight darling, I must say, with the chill autumn breeze rippling your chiffon-esqe lycra unitard, and as you demurely brush away the cornflake that has lodged in your embarrassingly stout facial hair, I feel that it's only right that I take this chance to inform you of the latest developments in the world of 'remus'....... We have booked our first day back in the studio (13th of December), and have arranged our first gig (21st December at Verdis in Weymouth-us and with my friends, John, Daz and Wayne's band 'Konar-t' on the bill with us). We have some excellent new material to record-we're all very excited about it. It's going to be a big step up for us, and a bit rockier too. We need to work hard on getting it right when we record it (but we will). Lot's of stuff to be finished (lyrics, bass lines, etc...), but it is sounding really good at rehersals. We will make a video of us recording it, as a teaser, and post it up, so keep a look out after the 13th. The gig is going to be great-Konar-t are an excellent band who I have seen rip up The George in Weymouth on many occassions and have ended the night with everybody dancing. It's songs by 'The Killers', 'Snow Patrol' etc-all the stuff you hear on the radio and really like basically (well, if you're like me anyway). We are going to be doing stuff from 'Fighting Against the Tide', probably 'You Don't Even Need Me...', 'Atlas', 'Compromise', etc (we haven't finalised a set list yet), and 'Broken' and 'Misunderstood', and some of the new stuff we are recording too-it's all going to be the stuff people seem to want to hear-and them some stuff you will be hearing for the first time as well. I'll put more gig info up as it becomes available-if you want to contact us and let us know of any songs of ours you want to hear, we will be happy to oblige. We may even dust off our Christmas song! If you're really unlucky. More to follow shortly....... Regards my old pistachio,


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